General answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I get in touch with Marine Master Trailers Customer Service?

Email: help@marinemastertrailers.com
Phone: 931-454-9089 then press 1

Where is my VIN located?

Although there are some exceptions, VIN and tire information decal is generally applied inside of front siderail.

Where is Marine Master Trailers located?

1011 S Washington St, Tullahoma, TN 37388

Is Marine Master Trailers hiring?

We are always accepting applications. General career information can be found here.

How much for a trailer?

Marine Master Trailers does not sell trailers retail. Retail customers can contact a dealer using our dealer locator tool OR requesting a quote.
Dealers and Boat OEMs may contact Rick VanArsdall via trailerrick@marinemastertrailers.com

Should I use my trailer’s fenders as steps?

No. Steps are located on both sides of each fender. GatorHyde coating and/or various fender covers are for aesthetics and debris protection only.

How much does my trailer weigh?

Check your VIN decal. Subtract the cargo weight from GVWR for approximate trailer weight.
EXAMPLE: 4900 lb GVWR and 3770 lb Cargo Weight means a 1130 lb trailer

What is the overall length of my boat trailer?

The sixth and 7th digit of your VIN should be the length of your trailer to the nearest foot.

What type of brake pads or rotors do I need?

Generally, trailers built 2009 or after use Dexter 091-007-00 brake pads for DB-35 Calipers and 008-435-05 hub and rotors. Carquest PN NAD925 is a comparable aftermarket organic brake pad aka NAPA PN SS7826. Generally, trailers built before 2009 with an oil bath system, generally use brake pads for DB-42 Calipers.

What type of brake hose fittings do I need?

1/8 DOT Brake Hose w/ Brass Male 3/16 IF Ends and 3,500 psi

What PSI should my tires be inflated to?

We recommend inflating your trailer tires to the max PSI listed on the tire and when the tire is cold. Over or under inflation will cause unnecessary tire wear.

What method does MMT use for wiring trailers?

We use wishbone wiring harnesses. More info on colors can be found here.

What product should I use to touch up Gatorhyde?

DupliColor TR250 available at Amazon.com and O’Reilly Auto parts

What do I do to fix squeaky noises coming from my trailer?

First, determine what’s making the squeaky noise (e.g. axle springs, ubolts, shackle bolts, bushings, bearings, etc.)
If shackle bolts, bushings, or bearings, then tighten or replace hardware. Do not overtighten shackle bolts (see below for torque specs).
If axle springs, jack trailer up to relieve springs, then use chain and cable spray lube. Lithium grease may also help. If the springs are damaged or failing, then replacing springs may be in order.

What trailer shocks product does MMT use?

Monroe 31069. A comparable non-color matching shock from O’Reilly Auto Parts is MasterPro FD111

What do I do when my brakes lock up while reversing?

Check respective trailer brake fuse in tow vehicle and replace if necessary.
Use a brake lockout key to temporarily bypass surge brakes on trailer. Do not travel on public roads with a brake lockout key engaged.

What size Allen wrench do my wheel caps require?

2 Allen

What size socket do I need for lug nuts?

Depending on the type of lug nuts, either 3/4″ or 13/16″ socket

What is the torque spec on lug nuts?

Torque steel wheel lug nuts between 85-95 ft/lbs
Torque aluminum wheel lug nuts between 110-120 ft/lbs
Retorque after first 25-50 miles

What is the torque spec on shackle bolts?

Leaf spring hanger bolts shall be secured with nyloc-style retaining nuts. Bolts and nuts should be torqued until knurled portion of bolt is seated into bracket/shackle, then backed off ½ turn. Minimum of 3 bolt threads should protrude beyond nyloc-style nut. Springs, equalizers, and shackle straps should be able to pivot freely after installation. Nyloc nuts should not be reused.

What is the torque spec on caliper bolts?

40 ft/lbs on standard 9/16 hex bolts with Loctite

What is the torque on caliper banjo bolts?

25 ft/lbs on 5/8″ banjo bolt

What is the torque on caliper inlet/brake hose/tube?

12-14 ft/lbs

What is the torque on caliper bleeder screws?

25 ft/lbs on 7/16″ caliper bleeder screw

What is the torque on spindle nuts?

55 ft/lbs is initial torque to seat bearings, then loosen until free spinning before final torque. Final torque is 20 in/lbs

Should I reuse my grease cap?

Absolutely not. Grease caps are press fit and one-time use only.

What is the nomenclature for marine hubs?

See diagram:

Do you have a parts list for my MMT trailer axle?

Enter the last 5 digits of trailer VIN here and then click on your front, interim, or rear axle accordingly. Before purchasing any parts, please confirm vin and axle information with Customer Service.

What is the bolt pattern of my wheels?

Generally, 5 x 4.5 for five lug wheels and 6 x 5.5 for six lug wheels.

What sized wheel studs are on my trailer?

Generally, 1/2″-20

What length wheel studs are on my trailer?

Generally, 1 1/8″

What grease should I use in my hubs?

Dexter recommends Dexter Grease for E-Z Lube grease caps.
Dexter recommends Vault grease for Vault hubs.
K2 Mfg recommends Lucas Oil Red-N-Tacky grease for K2 hubs.