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Our finishes include Painted, Galvanized, Aluminum and GatorHyde.

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Find a dealer in your area for one of our custom built boat trailers.

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About Our Company

Marine Master Trailers is a state-of-the-art boat trailer manufacturer, ready to fulfill your needs. Our
product is the result of years of input from fisherman, marine dealers, our employees in the plant
and we have listened. The result is a boat trailer that is designed for maximum highway safety, that
loads and unloads easily in the water and in years to come, still looks as good as it did in the showroom.

Assembly takes place at our brand new 85,000 square foot plant located in Tullahoma, Tennessee,
centrally located, for delivery service within a day’s drive of almost any customer.
For Dealers or OEM Sales, call: 859-612-9272

Trailers & more

Pontoon Boat Trailer


Our Pontoon trailers come in various lengths and finishes, easy to load with the size capacity you need.

Bass Trailer


Our bass boat trailers come in all-weld aluminum, aluminum, steel and fiberglass with custom finishes.

Runabout Trailer


Our runabout trailers are durable, affordable and covered with our best warranty to provide you an enjoyable experience.

Aluminum Trailer


Our aluminum trailers are truly custom built and assembled with industry leading components. We manufacture all weld or bolted.

Trailer Registration

Warranty Registration

Registration and warranty information are provided for all of our boat trailers, including several Manuals.

Tullahoma Jobs

Careers - Apply Here

We need motivated people to work in a fast paced production environment, experienced welders, painters or prior boat trailer manufacturing.


Pontoon Trailer

Pontoon Boat Trailers

Bass Boat Trailers

Bass Boat Trailers

Runabout Boat Trailer

Runabout Trailers

Search and Rescue Trailers

Search & Rescue